“Let the passion of creativity melt the snow in PEI”
Winters in Canada are not the friendliest and often come with lots of snow and cold temperatures; to new immigrants from warmer places like China, it can be especially unfamiliar and frightening. With an average yearly snowfall of 2 meters, winter in PEI is scary to new immigrants and snow days keeps students from learning in school–a situation that many parents and even some students are not fond of. With this issue in mind, CYFA will be partnering with Respon and CCG (Coaching/Changing/Growing) Learning and Coaching during the late winter and early spring months to provide teenagers a chance to learn outside of school, to inspire their creative thinking, and to improve their business sense. Moreover, to break the long “dormancy” that often comes during the winter season, learning knowledge of business can help children understand their individual strengths, practice their public speaking and presentation skills and improve their interpersonal skills.   Young participants will be working alone and in groups over a period of approximately five months to create a business venture and finally present it to judges. Throughout this time, they will receive training from experienced and professional CCG instructors.
  • Jessica
 She has 15 years work experience of being a Human Resource Consulter in the international enterprise and an MBA degree from Qinghua University.
  • Dou Mao
Previously an HR Director at Microsoft, she has a background in Psychology Consulting and a Master Degree from UBC. She has also worked in many other international enterprises for more than 10 years. 
  • Linping Li
As the founder of C.C.G, she has devoted herself to career planning and leadership training. With teaching experience from Erickson International College in Canada, Senior& Leadership College in Australia and Gallup Company from America, she is able to provide high-quality training for youth. She also served as former director of Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods Inc. in China and holds an MBA degree from Cambridge University.    
CCG instructors and their service agents will specialize in three areas of training:
  1. Business Planning: encourage creative thinking, broaden eyesight, develop logical thinking and writing skills in business
  2. Knowing Students’ Strengths: take advantage of fields that students are good at and improve teamwork and social skills
  3. Public Speaking: be able to speak and present opinions in public
In order to motivate our contestants, we will be selecting a total of six individuals and groups to receive awards. The awards are planned to be: “Outstanding Creativity”, “Outstanding Presentation ”, “Best Teamwork ”, “Most Intelligent”, “Best Product Model” and “Best Idea”.  

Scheduled timeline of major events:

Nov 14th, 2017: Sign-up deadline Nov 26th, 2017: Business planning training Dec 10, 2017: Strength exploration and discovering Late Jan, 2018: Handing in business planning as group Early Feb, 2018: Presenting students’ projects and evaluation End of Feb, 2018: Awards are announced March, 2018: Awards Presentation

      Join Us:  We are looking for teenagers aged 12-18 to participate~ Contact: Nick  Tel: 9023160194   Wechat wj604941366    
About CCG:

Our Service: Focusing on providing Career planning

Our Partner: University students and junior students, professional manager, entrepreneurs and Chinese families

Our Mission: Helping people figure out their advantage

Our Wish: Inspiring people to aware of their talents of being successful

C.C.G 学习和教练服务机构





Photos and CCG description provided by CCG
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