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Officially established in 2013, The Canadian Youth Funding Association (CYFA) is a registered non-profit organization and is supported by other non-profits such as Canadian Immigrant Entrepreneurs Foundation (CIEF) and International Investment Management Associates as well as various other sponsors.

Our mission is to encourage youth to become leaders and provide them opportunities to grow and learn new things; most importantly, we hope to foster in our members a strong sense of self and belief in themselves and their own abilities.

Throughout the five years that CYFA has been active, members have attended numerous events ranging from yard sales to talent shows. With each passing year new opportunities are available, but CYFA is proud to offer an annual business competition and year-end gala.

In providing a platform for youth to develop themselves, we hope to help our members further expand their knowledge, skillsets, and preparedness for life after schooling–regardless of what field they plan to go into.

After all, the future is in the hands of our youth.

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