For the fourth consecutive year, treasured friends, family, and guests congregated at the Premiere Ballroom and Convention Centre for the Canadian Immigrants Entrepreneur Foundation(CEIF) and Canadian Youth Funding Association(CYFA) Banquet, sponsored and supported by Respon International Group. Thousands of attendees from all walks of life joined together to celebrate the coming new year and new opportunities for the CEIF and CYFA on December 16th, 2017. Among our many honoured guests sat Geng Tan, MP for Don Valley North and Co-Chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association, and his wife Xinglai Huang; Wangli Ma, MP for Richmond Hill; Shengyuan Chen, MP for Scarborough North: Jiali Ye, MP; Victor Oh, Senator, and his wife; Michael Chan, MPP and Minister of International Trade: Baohua Yang, the Consul of The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto.  Outstanding Volunteer awards were presented to many CYFA members as recognition of their hard work and achievement over the past year, and many successful members of CYFA had the chance to speak on stage about their experiences and accomplishments.  

Kaitlyn Li speaking on behalf of Jane Li about the recent NIBC conference CYFA members attended

Jane Li, CYFA alumni, took part in the 2017 National Investment Banking Conference & Competition as Marketing Director of the organizing team. Many CYFA members took part in this event and were able to learn from the influential speakers and competition itself. Notable sponsors of the event included finance companies JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and various large banks. This event drew a large crowd of University students from schools across Canada, the U.S, and even Europe & Asia.  

Business Proposal contestant Anna Zou (Best presentation) shows off her performance talents

Showcasing their multitudinous talents throughout the event, members displayed aptitude not only in dancing or singing but in their ability to think critically and innovate. Also celebrated was the Youth Business Proposal Competition, where youth came up with and presented their own creative business ideas to a carefully selected panel of judges. More than 20,000 people voted for the young individuals who participated, and the final results are as follows: Kevin Lu as first place, Maggie Lin as Most Creative, Claire Chen and Anna Zou as Best Performance, Audrey Xia and Mingfang Yao as Best Product, Yu Qinxi as Most Popular.

Jack Li, winner of Most Creative proposal, presents his proposal to a round of applause


Young CYFA members gaining confidence in their public speaking through Emcee experience


Various performances by CYFA members!

In addition to the youth who performed, many others joined in the festivities!        
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