On September 21, 2018, hundreds gathered at the River Rock Casino Theater in Vancouver, BC. to celebrate the closing of the 2018 Canada Youth Funding Association Youth Business Proposal Competition, sponsored and supported by Respon International Group. Over the past few months, dedicated youth have been attending seminars, working with professionals, writing proposals, and revising proposals. Nearly 60 youth entered the competition’s online submission, but the creativity and innovation of 10 individuals stood out in particular. On September 20th at our competition venue, the top 10 semi-finalists presented in front of a panel of judges. Among them sat Ling Ping Li, GALLUP Certified Strength Coach; Hong Wei Liao, President of Respon Wealth Management; Han Chang Fu, Chairman of the Youth Care and Development Foundation; and Ron Gorodetsky, Co-Founder at Olivewood Software. Each candidate presented spectacularly and in the end, there was a tie for first place.  The two winners of the 2018 CYFA Youth Business Proposal Competitions are York Wang and Bowen Wang! Bowen delved into his own personal experiences and presented us with “Flow”, an innovation to break barriers surrounding verbal communication. Having faced difficulty understanding individuals who speak English with a heavy accent, Bowen devised a product that essentially filters out accents in real time and emits a computerized voice to allow seamless face-to-face communication. His product could be used in various contexts from education to daily use.  York approached the competition differently, presenting “If You Need Help”, a platform to help students achieve better grades. As an astute young individual, York has tutored many of his peers in subjects ranging from the Sciences to the Humanities. Through this experience, he realized that many of them were wasting time and money on outside tutors and classes which didn’t help them – as many adults could not truly understand the struggles of a high schooler. To remedy this, he presented a platform allowing high-achieving students to teach other students in a regulated environment, either online or in person, all while costing next to nothing compared to other tutoring services on the market. In addition to our competition winners, we presented numerous awards including the:
  • Most Creative Proposal Award granted to Jenny Zeng and York Wang
  • Best Performance Award granted to Sarah Gerrie and Sandy Cui
  • Best Written Proposal Award granted to Yaosen Wang and Bella Wu
  • Most Engaging Speaker Award granted to Jerry Wang and Avema & Kara
Congratulations to all the youth who took part in this year’s competition and their incredible achievements! Some notable guests who joined us on September 21st were Joe Peschisolido, Member of Parliament; Malcolm Brodie, Mayor of Richmond; Ling Ping Li, Certified Gallup Strength Coach; Hong Wei Liao, President of Respon Wealth Management; and Megan Lawrence, Educator, Children’s Advocate and UNICEF Ambassador. 2018 was a special year because it was the first year that CYFA worked closely with and in support of UNICEF, the world’s leading child-focused humanitarian organization. They fight for children’s rights, education, and protection – and this year we helped provide education for youths in emergency situations through the UNICEF School-in-a-box initiative. To raise awareness for this platform, the CYFA nation-wide Youth Business Proposal Competition was held in support of UNICEF Canada. Through our many fundraising efforts throughout 2018 including painting auctions, by-donation seminars, and business competition, CYFA proudly presented UNICEF with a $32,500 donation cheque towards the School-in-a-Box initiative.  
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