On December 10th, 2016, the Premiere Ballroom and Convention Centre was once again abuzz with excitement. For the third year in a row, many guests and friends gathered here for the Canadian Immigrants Entrepreneur Foundation and Canadian Youth Funding Association Banquet, sponsored and supported by Respon International Group. Thousands of people were in attendance and delightfully shared the celebrations of the 2017 Respon Charity Banquet. Some of our honored guests who showed up were Tan Geng ,MP for Don Valley North,Co-Chairman Canada-China Legislative Association), Mr. Arnold Chan, MP for Scarborough-Agincourt, Deputy House Leader of the House of Commons,Shaun Chen, MP, Standing Committee on Public Accounts, Senator Victor Oh and his wife, MPP, Michael Chan and his wife, Mr. Xu Wei Deputy Consul General, Consulate- General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto), London Life manager Ms. Allison Thompson, Hong Li, Chairman of Respon International Group and Winnie Liao, president, Respon Wealth Management Corp.

Since the establishment in 2013, CYFA has served to help youth from all over Canada explore their talents and improve their abilities and has been a platform with which youth from both China and Canada can communicate and share ideas.

CYFA President Yun Jia (Jiajia) Li speaking at the podium

To commemorate the incredible growth and success of many CYFA members, the festivities of the 2017 Respon Charity Banquet were more impressive than ever.

Happy Holidays!

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