On November 26, 2017, 36 young students arrived to the morning training session. At first, some students were too shy to speak up and participate, but after only half an hour of training, they were actively raising their hands and passionately getting involved! Based off a solid foundation of research and statistics, LinPing Li and Jessica bring rich experiences and knowledge to the classroom. The two instructors co-operate effortlessly with each other and work to guide students to think independently with the use of the ‘4 P’s of teaching’ style: Personality, Presence, Preparation, and Passion. They used this method to introduce basic concepts of University-level Business to the students. According to many studies on education, learning through group discussion and questions encourages children to think actively and understand concepts by engaging themselves rather than passively absorbing information which they will easily forget. This is the first of several training sessions to come which will focus on topics such as discovering strengths applicable to future careers and business planning.
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